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Innovative Products & Services

We see new evidence of escalating water management challenges after every large storm event. Innovation and new technologies offer powerful new way to solve these challenges. Our industry leading solutions and unmatched services offer a clear path to progress, helping solve water management challenges everywhere.

At Advanced Drainage Systems, we are strengthening our product offering by building on our solutions package and advancing our sustainability objectives. We’re thinking about ways to innovate in each phase of the lifecycle of a raindrop, whether that’s incorporating recycled materials in new ways, further minimizing our footprint, or developing low-impact water treatment products. We lead the stormwater industry with product innovation that addresses customer needs.

We're also coming up with innovative ways to service our customers, whether that's through our dedicated fleet, engineering services or our comprehensive suite of online tools to ensure our customers have online support at all hours. We know innovation is about more than just products.

Pictured Left: ADS' new flexible dual-wall pipe, N-12 Flex, designed for increased safety, installation speed and faster flow rate in agriculture markets

Advancing the Industry

Our dedicated engineering team has been working for years to ensure regulatory approvals for plastic products in water management applications. We leverage research, studies and other advocates to drive industry standards forward. 

These approvals don’t just impact our products, but similarly manufactured products as well. We know that in order to create the change we want to see, we have to kickstart the wheel from within. Learn more about our public policy objectives and how we’re advancing the industry for all.

More on Innovation at ADS

Our FY 2020 Sustainability Report expands on this topic and many others.

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