Our products are environmentally sustainable and built for a long service life

Making a Mark

3X Faster ADS pipe is designed for faster product installation

Installation than traditional products

100 Year The service life of our plastic pipe is around 100 years

Service life

550M Pounds We've used 550 million pounds of recycled plastics

Plastic recycled annually

When Hazards Strike

From record breaking storms with unprecedented rainfall to prolonged droughts, weather events bring serious consequences felt by all communities. The aftermath of such erratic conditions can be severe. This is where infrastructure resiliency can help.

Unlike traditional materials, our industry-leading products are engineered with both economics and sustainability in mind. They are designed to endure and help rapidly recover from emergency situations. Not only do they withstand nature's wrath, but they come with the benefits of recycled plastic, a lower carbon footprint, and an extended service life.

The new era of water management solutions from Advanced Drainage Systems not only cares for the environment, but combats the elements when necessary.

Effective water management solutions designed for both longevity and sustainability

More on Infrastructure Resiliency

Our FY 2020 Sustainability Report expands on this topic and many others.

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