For more than 50 years, Advanced Drainage Systems has been an innovator of water management solutions for the world’s most challenging problems. In 2018, we focused on increasing our sustainability efforts to protect the precious resource of water for many generations to come.

Millions of pounds of plastic were kept out of landfills through our industry-leading recycling initiatives. In 2005, the percent of recycled material in our pipe was 24%. By 2018, that number had more than doubled to an astounding 56%.

Our desire to be more sustainable—driven by a spirit of innovation—helped us prevent pollution, erosion and flooding in large cities to and rural communities.

Whether at construction sites, on farmland or within businesses, schools and even among homes in your neighborhood, I am proud to see our products making a difference in communities around the world.
–  Scott Barbour, President and CEO

How We Found Success

We invested in our people, processes and technology. Much of this focus was on operational efficiency. From standardizing tooling setups to integrating supply chain planning, we came together to make continuous improvements.  

Safety among workers is always a high priority. In 2018, we held our first-ever Safety Stand-Down event where an entire day was devoted to safety awareness and skills development. Automating high-risk processes helped decrease our Total Case Incident Rate by 19%. New safety and unloading practices led to a 22% decrease in driver injuries.

More than $500,000 was donated to charitable organizations and an employee-led committee was started to benefit America’s service members.

Our passionate teams of experts also contributed to key research studies that helped advance the industry, including those that tested the performance of our own products.

Our plastic pipe lowers the carbon footprint for a more sustainable future

Report Highlights

1.4B Gallons 5.2_002_1

Stormwater managed by our StormTech® product

>400M Pounds 1.2_002_1

Plastic recycled

$500,000+ 5.2_002_3

Donated to charitable organizations

2nd Largest Recycling Company In North America

We have 155 patents issued on products that use millions of pounds of recycled plastic.

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