Efficiency Is Key

We are focused on continuously improving our operations and the customers we serve. First we created the culture. Now, it’s our mission to keep it going.

That's why we created the Green Line Operating System in 2019. This process-driven approach allows us to continuously challenge ourselves—and our coworkers—because, at the end of the day, we know we can do more with less if we all adhere to these behaviors.  The Green Line Operating System has four guiding principles:

  • Safety: No one gets hurt!
  • People: We are problem solvers.
  • Process: We are committed to continuous improvement.
  • Performance: We create value for stakeholders.

Because our customers are located across North America, local presence is crucial. Our extensive, far-reaching network is made even stronger by the industry’s largest company-owned fleet. This has inspired us to look even closer at sustainable business practices. We’re constantly managing and optimizing the materials and energy we use, along with safety awareness and skill development for the thousands of employees who make it possible.

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More on Operational Excellence

Our FY 2021 Sustainability Report expands on this topic and many others.

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