Protecting Aquifers in Texas

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Water  |  Sunday, March 31, 2019  | 2 minute

Protecting Aquifers in Texas

We are proud to be able to work closely with communities around the world to provide innovative solutions to address their water management challenges and protect our precious resources. This is a role we take seriously, as we know with each shipment, we are helping to improve the environments and quality of life for people everywhere.

Central Texas is home to the Edwards Aquifer, an underground layer of sponge-like permeable rock, which also serves as the main source of drinking water for nearly two million people in the region. As one of our nation’s largest aquifers, this resource is the primary water supply for agriculture and industry in the region, feeding rivers, lakes and springs in the area, in addition to sustaining the lives of plants and animals. Protecting the water quality in the region is of utmost importance because chemicals that enter the water can quickly cause contamination, especially if pollutants enter the surface area surrounding the aquifer.

A local developer in Georgetown, TX was looking for a way to detain and clean the storm water runoff at a grocery store development site near the San Gabriel River, which feeds the aquifer. His engineers had considered constructing a pond or using a sand filtration system with a large detention system underneath but were struggling with cost and constructability. His ultimate goal was to protect the aquifer as much as possible while also controlling the storm water runoff. Our engineers were able to work with the developer to provide the solution he was looking for, including conveyance, detention and water treatment for the system which ultimately discharges into the San Gabriel River. Ultimately, we were able to build a system that exceeded the strict local guidelines, which are sensitive to this area. System highlights are above.


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