ADS environmental stewardship helps protect water resources

Making a Mark

10+ Billion Feet We've laid 10+ billion feet of sustainable pipe globally

ADS plastic pipe installed around the world

2 Billion Gallons Stormtech chambers house water to avoid flooding

Stormwater capacity from our StormTech® chambers

420,000 Gallons Our Barracuda water filters treat 420,000 gallons per minute worldwide

Water per minute treated by our Barracuda® water quality units

We’re Solving the World’s Water Challenges

Water is precious, and without it life could not exist. Preserving this natural resource for present and future generations is our highest priority. At the heart of this mission is creating sustainable water management systems that keep waterways free of pollution.

Our products help communities efficiently and safely manage water. We’re preventing flooding that can shut down cities and halt travel. We’re helping farmers achieve sustainable agricultural production by safeguarding crops and making them stronger, and we’re also treating water to prevent harmful byproducts from entering into the ecosystem.

Advanced Drainage Systems works closely with cities, towns and communities around the world to provide sustainable water management systems that address their water management challenges and help advance their sustainability goals. It’s a role we take seriously, because we know we’re helping improve the environments and lives of people everywhere.

Our mission is to build environmental sustainable water management systems

More on Sustainable Water Management

Our FY 2019 Sustainability Report expands on this topic and many others.

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