GHG Emissions Gaphic

As reported in “LIFE CYCLE ASSESSMENT OF NORTH AMERICA MUNICIPAL STORMWATER PIPE SYSTEMS” prepared for The Plastics Pipe Institute by Franklin Associates, A Division of ERG, October 2019, using the recycled at end-of-life evaluation with cutoff method. 

Our Products Are the Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Carbon is a life-sustaining element that helps our planet hold the energy it receives from the sun. Carbon footprint is a measure of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions released by a product, which absorb energy and retain heat that contributes to climate change. By using materials that have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional materials used to manage stormwater, Advanced Drainage Systems helps combat climate change.

Sustainability Studies Show Sustainable Results

The Plastics Pipe Institute conducted a life cycle analysis to evaluate the true environmental impact of plastic pipes, from production to final use. By looking at factors like carbon footprint to water consumption, this study showed that our industry-leading solutions are superior to traditional materials. Compared to pipe using recycled plastic, traditional materials have higher energy demand, waste generation, water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Findings like these are shared throughout our industry, so we can all do our part in  protecting the environment’s precious natural resources through innovative recycling and manufacturing practices.

Our plastic pipe lowers the carbon footprint for a more sustainable future

More on our Environmental Impact

Our FY 2021 Sustainability Report expands on this topic and many others.

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