Sustainable Water Management Solutions

Environmental Stewardship is at Our Core

We’re industry leaders who develop innovative solutions that promote environmental stewardship by protecting water and keeping millions of pounds of plastic out of landfills each year. Our products are made from materials designed to be environmentally sustainable to ensure we're doing our part to make the world a better place to live.

At Advanced Drainage Systems, we're on a mission to keep waterways safe from pollution and excessive stormwater runoff. Our long history of bringing innovative solutions and industry-leading technologies to market has helped develop standards that have transformed the treatment of water over the years.

Did you know that using recycled plastic reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 70%? Our expertise in incorporating recycled material into our products has fundamentally changed—and ultimately shaped—our approach to environmental stewardship and the way the industry views and uses recycled plastic in products today.

Protecting water supplies from landfill material keeps water clean

Management of a Precious Resource

We’re managing billions of gallons of stormwater runoff.
That’s right: billions.

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Environmental stewardship starts with managing precious resources

Industry-Leading Recycling

Advanced Drainage Systems is creating a circular economy for plastic waste.

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We've created a circular economy to re-purpose plastic waste

More on Environmental Stewardship

Our FY 2021 Sustainability Report expands on this topic and many others.

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Engineered for the if, ready for the when.

Everyday stressors are just as significant as severe weather events. Our resilient stormwater management solutions are designed to handle both, providing long-term value and rapid recovery when time is of the essence.

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