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Supporting Those Who Make It Possible

Our employees come to work every day to provide society with sustainable, longer-lasting water management solutions that allow people to continue to live their lives comfortably and to be healthy. We return their enthusiasm and loyalty.

We attract top talent, but what makes them stay? An environment that gives every employee resources to learn and develop skills that lead to new opportunities. Rewarding and recognizing hard work is what makes us feel like family. 

From leadership training that incorporates emotional intelligence to a strong code of ethics, we empower our employees to do the best work they can. When individual goals can align with those of the company, amazing things happen. 
Employees are the backbone of this organization. We empower our employees to create change, drive improvement and exhibit safe behaviors in everything they do.
–  Scott Barbour, President and CEO

Diversity and Inclusion

As a global company, we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive culture and believe in empowering our employees and communities by embracing the dynamics of different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We’re committed to creating an environment where all employees feel valued, respected and fully engaged to contribute to our future success.

In 2019, we were proud to announce the launch of our first Employee Resource Group (ERG), the ADS Women’s Network. Supported by leadership, this group celebrates women for their diversity of thought, passion and excellence they bring to the business.

The ADS Women’s Network is part of our diversity and inclusion initiatives

Developing Future Leaders

Helping our people reach their own goals is a key part of building our workforce. We offer a variety of ways to support professional growth, with continuous training being a key part of this effort.

Our multi-year Developing Leadership Program gives recent college graduates the opportunity to hone leadership and functional skills while preparing for an operations management career with Advanced Drainage Systems. The program offers mentorship from leaders and hands-on experience across our manufacturing facilities.

We’re also a proud member of the Employer Support Guard and Reserve Group, which encourages cooperation, understanding and flexibility between members of the Army National Guard® and Reserves as well as their civilian employers.

NEWADS Developing Leadership Program offers mentorship and hands-on experience to employees

More on Employee Development

Our FY 2021 Sustainability Report expands on this topic and many others.

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